frankcal2Frank launched At These Coordinates in September 2017 in order to get a fresh start with blogging; previously he had run Gothos: A Geospatial Librarian’s World at gothos.info since 2008. At These Coordinates covers topics related to geospatial data: any data that can be tied to location and place. Posts cover topics like geographic information systems (GIS), spatial databases, scripting, census data, data sources, and maps of course.

Frank is the Geospatial Data Librarian at Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY) in midtown Manhattan where he helps members of his college and university to navigate geospatial and demographic data sources. He manages the GIS Lab in the library where he and his grad students: provide research consultations, teach workshops, process and create data, and maintain a repository of GIS data. Frank has been using GIS for twenty years and was an early proponent of free and open source GIS software in academia. His FOSS stack includes QGIS, GRASS, PostGIS, Spatialite, and Python. He is an expert in government datasets and has published a book on using U.S. census data for research.

A native Delawarean with roots in Philadelphia, he and his wife currently live at the very northern tip of Manhattan. You’ll find him there guzzling coffee, listening to his collection of vinyl, reading books that cover anything from medieval history to hard-boiled crime fiction, and roaming the paths and hills of Inwood Park.

Frank Donnelly’s CV